About us

We are Van Vugt Kruiden and we are located in Ridderkerk.
Piet van Vugt, owner and founder, grew up as the son of a gardener and learned the tricks of the trade during his boyhood. His father grew vegetables, including Parsley and Celery. These products were sold via the auction. Around the mid-1990s a demand arose in the market for growing a number of aromatic herbs in addition to Parsley and Celery. No sooner said than done!

Various trial fields were sown with herbs including Dill, Coriander and Chervil. This turned into a success and we soon decided to continue this. The demand really began to develop and the vegetables that were still grown at the time had to make way for herb growing. In those days the fresh herbs market only comprised herbs in pots and there soon appeared to be a big demand for freshly cut herbs, although the success depended on availability. In order to respond to this we started to specialise in growing herbs and expanded our enterprise with greenhouses and open-ground cultivation.

In 2003 we took control of things and decided to take care of the marketing ourselves. From that moment we started direct supplies to supermarkets and catering wholesalers in the Netherlands and abroad. As we cultivate the product ourselves, you are buying straight from the source. We noticed that business was really picking up and that demand for different kinds of herbs was increasing all the time. Our year-round range is comprised of 25 varieties, which do not all grow in the Netherlands in winter. To this end we started looking for crop locations in other countries, for it was a must to be able to supply the complete product range in winter as well. The result of this is that we now have various cultivation locations in other countries, so that a spread in cultivation has been achieved in order to accommodate crop failures as much as possible. Thereby we warrant the availability of our products.
The transport of the herbs to Ridderkerk is taken care of by a specialised company, so that the product retains the freshness that we guarantee.

We are always looking for new products. At our location in Ridderkerk the special herbs are grown as well. Meanwhile there are more than 40 varieties of these in the main season, varying from Pineapple sage to Apple mint and from Lemon Verbena to Red sorrel. These special herbs are also finding their way to customers and are among everyday deliveries.

Apart from the range of freshly cut herbs we started cultivating edible flowers at our location in Ridderkerk in 2005. The demand for this special product came from the hotel and catering industry. Edible flowers have meanwhile become an integral part of our business!
In that same year we also started growing babyleaf lettuce, because our current customers also showed an interest in this. We have begun the customer-oriented cultivation and packaging of babyleaf lettuce varieties, similar to the herbs.

As a result, we are now able to offer a complete range of exclusive products on a daily basis. Thanks to the continuous availability of these products, working with them in the kitchen has now become an everyday treat!
What started off as a hobby for Piet has now developed into a company that is among the biggest players in fresh cutting herbs in Europe.