In the summer season we have large-scale cultivation in the Netherlands that accounts for 80% of the products. In order to serve you all through the year with the complete range, we have set up an international growers’ network including growers from Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Kenya. Altogether our growers’ network counts 12 crop locations, all of which cultivate in a responsible and sustainable manner in accordance with European regulations. They are all holders of the required certificates.
In order to supply a good product all the year round we have control of the monitoring and checking of the cultivation, ensuring that all the herbs are grown where the best quality is obtained. The quantities that are cultivated are fully attuned to the customers’ demand. Of course, there are unpredictable weather conditions that are beyond our control.

Apart from the cultivation, tailor-made packaging is a crucial component of our business activities. Our machinery encompasses horizontal flow pack, vertical flow pack, sealing and top-sealing machines. In addition, the product is weighed, sorted and packaged by hand. All of this is done at our BRC-certificated location in Ridderkerk, which is fully in compliance with the latest hygiene codes.