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Sown, grown and harvested from our hearts

In order to guarantee the year-round availability and continuity we grow the herbs ourselves, at home as well as abroad. In the summer period the entire herb cultivation is within reach, for that is the time of the Holland season. In Ridderkerk and Brielle our cultivation takes place in open ground as well as in greenhouses. Few food miles, we love it! In winter, cultivation also takes place abroad. Thanks to climatic conditions in countries like Spain, Italy and Morocco the herbs grow better there during the dark months. These cultivations are managed from Ridderkerk.


In the greenhouse next to our production location in Ridderkerk, we grow the tastiest edible flowers all year round. Since 2020 we have been using grow lights for this cultivation in the winter months. After years of testing, Piet has composed the perfect light recipe. As a result, we can offer edible flowers from the Netherlands all through the year!

Edible flowers from the Netherlands!

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